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Dunamis House Counseling Services

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 Dunamis House Counseling Services was founded by Virgil & Vanessa Watson. Masters of  Counseling.  A  passion to see couples &   families restored, with 20+ years of experience. Dunamis House Counseling Services offers a listening ear and a helping hand. 

​" He Sent His word and healed them and delivered them  from their destructions. "  Psalm 107:20


 Is your marriage or relationship all that you want it to be? If not, contact Dunamis House Counseling 
Services if you would like God's blessings on your relationship & Godly professional help in achieving your relationship goals.

If you would like Dunamis House Counseling Services to help your Marriage Ministries by conducting 
a marriage workshop or to conduct a Marriage Conference for your church or your organization, feel free to contact us today.

Thank you & we look forward to hearing from you!

Success Stories

"We are so grateful for our Marriage and the gift of counseling in our lives. We are doing well and look forward to scheduling our next session."

-Satisfied Dunamis House Counseling Client.

We are doing way better today than we were a month ago. You and your wife are amazing people. We have had a complete turn around from where we started. Thanks to Dunamis House Counseling.

-Satisfied Dunamis House Counseling Client

"Words can't express how much we appreciate you all being a walking example of what a divine covenant looks like. You all are the prime example of what God intended marriage to be. We can't thank you enough for speaking into our lives, loving us unconditionally and encouraging us to keep loving each other."
-Satisfied Dunamis House Counseling Client

Meet The Counselors

Hello, we have been married for 47 years and believe that God has given us strategies:

1. Strengthen marriages through prayer.

2. Heal hurting couples by the truth of God's Word and destoying the lies of miscommunication.

3. Restoring honor in the relationship.

4. Bringing back the passion that's needed for lasting relationships.

5. We are committed to working with you for the success that God intends for it to be.

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